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Bulk importing addresses


When migrating over hosting providers, it may be necessary to add e-mail addresses en masse. Addresses can be added within the control panel.

  1. Visit Mail > Manage Mailboxes
  2. Select Add Multiple Addressses
    • Bulk address form will slide down
  3. Enter each address to create on its own line, format follows:
    <email1> <forward1>, <forward2>, <forwardN>…
    <email2> <forward1>, <forward2>, <forwardN>…
    <emailN> <forward1>, <forward2>, <forwardN>…

  4. Click Bulk Add Addresses

Syntax rules


The first value is the e-mail address to create. If no domain is specified, then the domain used to log into the control panel is assumed, e.g.
myadmin user@lithiumhosting.com, joe@example.com

If logged in using domain example.com, then the address created is myadmin@example.com


A wildcard may be specified as an address to create using an asterisk (“*“). If specified, an e-mail address on every authorized hostname is created to forward to the specified destination.

An example wildcard input is, help@* myuser

If 2 domains exist, example.com and lithiumhosting.com (as an addon domain), then this expands to:

help@example.com myuser@example.com
help@lithiumhosting.com myuser@lithiumhosting.com

Local Users

Any destination forward not qualified as a domain, e.g. @example.com is treated as a local user delivery. It follows the same rules as if the e-mail were created as a forward with Local Users selected in MailManage Mailboxes. Namely, the login domain is appended to the destination domain.

Example syntax

This is a very simple bulk-import source that creates 3 e-mail addresses, 2 on the login domain, and 1 on another domain attached to the account that is authorized to handle e-mail.

myadmin user@lithiumhosting.com
sales user, stan
support@goap.is help, pager@att.net

Assuming the login domain is example.com and the primary domain is example.com then the following e-mail addresses are created with the following destinations:

  1. myadmin@example.com forwards to user@lithiumhosting.com
  2. sales@example.com forwards to user@example.com, stan@example.com
  3. support@goap.is forwards to help@example.com, pager@att.net
Updated on January 23, 2020

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