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Setting timezone and locale


Timezone and locale may be changed for the active user within the control panel via Account > SettingsLocalization. Any timezone changes will be inherited by terminal applications and one-click applications created following adjustment. Other PHP applications will need to be adjusted on a case-by-case basis.

Changing timezones in PHP applications

A timezone may be set for a PHP application within the control panel.

  1. Visit Web > .htaccess Manager.
  2. Select the hostname to adjust, if the app resides in a folder under the domain, select Edit Subdir.
  3. Select PHP for Personality
  4. Select php_value for Directive
  5. Under Value enter date.timezone TIMEZONE where TIMEZONE follows an Olson-compatible timezone.
    • All valid timezones are listed under Account > Settings > Localization Timezone
    • Olson format uses regional major cities instead of timezone names to configure timezone and latitude/longitude.
    • Example: set timezone to PST/PDT, date.timezone America/Los_Angeles
    • Example: set timezone to GMT, use London: date.timezone Europe/London
  6. Click Add to add the directive
  7. Click Save Changes to commit changes
Setting default timezone for a given PHP application within the control panel .htaccess manager.

Setting default timezone for a given PHP application within the control panel .htaccess manager.

Failed timezone change

If the timezone change is not reflected in the application, then it sets timezone at runtime. These applications will provide a configuration option to make timezone changes. Check with your application documentation for assistance.

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Updated on July 8, 2019

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