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What is my server name?



Your server name is the server on which you are hosted. Your server name can be ascertained in a few different ways:

  • Visit Server Lookup. Enter your domain name. (Coming SoonTM)
    • In rare situations, a domain may exist on more than 1 server during a server migration in process. See alternative solutions below:
  • Login to the control panel via https://cp.lithiumpanel.com. You will be redirected to a URL of the form https://cp<server>.lithium.hosting.
    • Alternatively, access https://<domain>/cpadmin where <domain> is your domain name. You will be redirected to https://cp<server>.lithium.hosting.
  • Perform a DNS lookup on your domain. An IP address will be returned. Perform a rDNS to find the server name.
    1. Visit http://whois.sc
    2. Enter your domain name in “WHOIS LOOKUP”
    3. Take this numeric value of the form aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd, e.g. This is your IP address.
    4. Visit a reverse DNS lookup utility, enter your IP address in the field.
    5. Right-hand value in the lookup result is your server. It will be of the form xxx.lithium.hosting where xxx is your server.
  • Should all else fail, contact support via support@lithiumhosting.com
Updated on March 2, 2020

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